The Map

Of course my favorite thing about websites powered by Listing Village is the map. It's so easy to use on desktop or mobile. When I open the map, the first thing I usually do is click the Nearby button. My phone will locate where I am, and I can easily see houses for sale in the neighborhood I am in. So if I'm over at a friend's house, I can easily look for what's for sale near them.

I also like the icons on the map, they are so easy to use. I especially appreciate the price shown with the icons. No more clicking and back-clicking because I was shown a home out of my price range.

The map is easy to move, too. Because I am used to using Google Maps, all the ways to move a map powered by Listing Village are the same. And I can switch to satellite mode just like on Google Maps.

As a Realtor, there is one neat trick you need to know about. You can change the icons!!! Last Christmas we changed the icons on our test server to show houses as gingerbread houses and vacant lots as Christmas Trees. Imagine the fun you can have with your map during the holidays!

- Carmen Mallard, Communications Director


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