This Listing Village subscriber ran a 7-day ad campaign. Look at the spike in engagement to his page!!! Join Listing Village and let your website work for you.

Automated Advertising

Automated advertising is here!  Just choose your budget, and Listing Village will do the work.  Your listings will be advertised across the Facebook Audience Network, which contains over 2000 websites, including Facebook and Instagram.

Here is a list of a few of those sites:

It's Simple to Sign Up for Listing Village

Choose your MLS from the drop down menuEnter your Name and Email as it appears within your MLSSome agents have a team name, we recommend you enter your Brokerage name.Enter your primary contact phone number, usually your cell phone.Click Continue

Enter your credit/debit card information.Your card will be billed once a month.Click “Sign Me Up!”

The next page will ask you to confirm your agent login.Listing Village matches you with your MLS.If all the information is correct, click the “That’s Me!” button.  You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

The Map

Of course my favorite thing about websites powered by Listing Village is the map. It's so easy to use on desktop or mobile. When I open the map, the first thing I usually do is click the Nearby button. My phone will locate where I am, and I can easily see houses for sale in the neighborhood I am in. So if I'm over at a friend's house, I can easily look for what's for sale near them.

I also like the icons on the map, they are so easy to use. I especially appreciate the price shown with the icons. No more clicking and back-clicking because I was shown a home out of my price range.

The map is easy to move, too. Because I am used to using Google Maps, all the ways to move a map powered by Listing Village are the same. And I can switch to satellite mode just like on Google Maps.

As a Realtor, there is one neat trick you need to know about. You can change the icons!!! Last Christmas we changed the icons on our test server to show houses as gingerbread houses and vacant lots …

We have a new website

It's Summer 2019 and Listing Village has a new website! It is a beautiful site designed by one of our creators, Nathan Cain. He worked closely with our design team members, Noah Zimmerman and Leila Kohen to make sure that our new site will give you all the information you need to make the decision to join Listing Village. For a Realtor, having a website is important to your business, but your site needs to be more than an introduction to you and your business philosophy. You need to be able to give people what they want, HOMES!!! The map provided by Listing Village is complete with MLS data from Tulsa to Nashville and everything in between. In the next 18 months, Listing Village is going nationwide!! So if your homebuyer wants to check out bungalows in Key West or cabins in Oregon, they will be able to search on your site.